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Ringlock scaffold

(Disc lock steel tubular scaffold)


Ringlock steel tubular scaffold is a multi-purpose modular scaffold system which can be used for all forms of access and support structures in the building/construction industries, ship building, offshore construction and industrial maintenance.


  1. Versatile application: can be used to go around curved or angled structures besides normal application.
  2. Stability and Higher safety: 

@ standard pipe in high strength Q355b/S355JR grade and carrying more weight;

@ Diagonal pull and self-locking design make structure more stable and solid;

@ The reliable wedge connections prevent ledgers and diagonal braces from any kind of loosening. 

@ The rigid, right fit of all connections with concentric derivation of loads guarantees safety even at great heights.

  1. Efficiency of erection and dismantling: just a hammer is required during erection, it’s proved that 150~300m2 can be erected per labor day, which is 3~5 times faster and more efficient than traditional scaffold system;

4. Material/cost saving: only about 72% of steel used in cuplock scaffold system;

5. Long service life/low maintenance: hot dipped galvanizing (55u~70u) of all component protect steel well from corrosion, plus strong standard pipe in min. 350Mpa Y.S. and 3.2mm wall thickness ensure 15~30 years service time;