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FerroSilicon is used mainly as deoxidizer or alloy additive in steel making and as inoculant and nodulizer in cast iron manufacturing, also, used as reductant in low carbon alloy making, consumption from these three industry account for at least 90% of total demand. Steel making usually need 75% FeSi, and consume about 3~5kg per ton.



GB/T 2272-2009 or ISO 5445-80


Grade and size:

Density: 2.8g/cm3

Melting point: 1210~1315℃

Size: Ferrosilicon lumps are generally preferred for deoxidizing and alloying purposes and are used in primary smelting furnaces that due to their heavyweight allows this ferroalloy to pass through the layer of slag to the molten metal. On the other hand smaller size are used for deoxidizing and alloying purposes in ladle furnace, since they can dissolve easily and faster.

50-150mm /50-125mm/20-80mm/10-100mm /10-80mm/ 10-50/5-10/3-12 or natural lump in 10~200mm.

* Other sizes as per client's request.